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JMAR Provides Total Support for Business Commercialization from Researching New Business Opportunities Through Practical Implementation.
Global Business Division provides total business support solutions for developing and improving businesses in Japan and abroad, which cover all business areas and forms including consumer products/ production goods/ intermediate goods/ materials/ components and a wide variety of services (B to C and B to B) based on our various know-how of consultation, research, and data analysis that we have obtained in many projects so far.
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Business Support Solution

Our business support solution is a package type project that consists of four phases: "consulting", "research", "planning", and "business practice support". You can select any individual or combination of phases according to your support-required processes and concrete requirements and needs.

Consulting Phase

Consulting phase embodies your business goal mainly through workshops together with information consultants, management consultants and researchers in various fields of JMAR and JMA Group.

Work Flow

  • Analysis and determination of management and technology resources
  • Analysis and determination of business environment
  • Strength and weakness/ comparison of competitors/ differentiation
  • Embodiment of a target (needs and customers)
  • Embodiment of a business image

Research Phase

The goal of research phase is the collection and analysis of information required absolutely for developing a business plan.

Work Flow

  • Analysis and evaluation of management resources
  • Detailed analysis of market & business environment and future prospects
  • Verification of the concept of goods/ products/ services
  • Verification of user needs and demands
  • Detailed analysis and comparison of competitive products and services
  • Verification of a business model
  • Examination of a commercialization scenario and feasibility study

Planning Phase

Planning phase is the most distinctive work phase in addition to "business practice support". The commercialization master plan is developed by embodying a new business idea together with management consultants and researchers of JMAR and JMA Group.

Work Flow

  • Examining business size and budget
  • Examining commercialization process and schedule
  • Planning a product or service
  • Developing the detailed concept of a product or service
  • Developing a basic marketing strategy concentrating on 4P
  • Examining a commercialization scenario
  • Developing a commercialization master plan
  • Examining the necessity of JMAR practical business support

Characteristics of Business Support Solution

  • JMAR provides support for decision making by providing all information required for realizing business development and improvement in Japan and abroad based on our successful achievements of consultation, research and data analysis.
  • Experienced staff assist you generously through a consulting phase to embody an idea, identify the challenges and problems for commercialization and shape a final image of business.
  • JMAR provides support for designing and formulating commercialization plan, commercialization scenario, strategies of production/ sales and so forth based on management resource analysis, business environment analysis, market survey and competitor survey backed by our successful achievements.
  • Vacancies in a commercialization process are filled up with our resources if required. Commercialization is realized smoothly with our wide range of sincere support covering "business practices" required for development into a product and sales & marketing beyond research and consulting.
  • The collective efforts of JMA Group including JMAR resources enable to provide various types of unprecedented support for business practices. Furthermore, the networks of external cooperative firms are available for all processes of commercialization.

Advantages of Utilizing Business Support Solutions

JMAR business support solutions have many advantages for you as described below.

Shortening the Period Required to Start Up a Business

Since the required actions are identified based on an adequate goal set initially through the deep examination of a project, unnecessary researches and internal discussions can be eliminated; thus, it enables to maximally shorten the period of time for developing and improving a business.

Sharing Directions and Building Unity of Purpose

Setting an adequate goal of a project initially is effective for sharing the directions of a project as well as shortening the period of time. It results in building unity of purpose and lifting the motivation as well.

Easing Decision Making at Crucial Moments

JMAR researchers' participation and consultation as needed in all phases up to commercialization enable to ease decision making at crucial moments.

Making Highly Profitable Business Plan

If you make a business plan by yourself, you may overlook some situations such as future business environment changes; however, if we are involved in making a business plan, it will be more feasible and profitable through our simulations of various business deployment scenarios.

Improving the Feasibility of a Business

Vacancies of your management resources in implementing and deploying a new business can be practically filled up with the resources of JMAR and JMA group, which will enhance the feasibility of a business substantially.

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