Industry and Competitive Research (Key Person Interview)

It is crucial to contact key persons of local industries and enterprises to obtain market information in Japan and Asia. We contact key persons in an objective standpoint who are different from your connections to obtain unbiased information.

Strength of Localization to Combine Your Business/ Marketing Challenges and Local Industry Situations
We completely and essentially close in on your business and marketing challenges through diligent meetings with you, which realizes local research and report based on the true nature of the challenges.
Research Design with an Understanding of Your Circumstances by Experienced Researchers
An adequate research design is the key to achieve successful industry and competitive researches that contribute to your business. JMAR identifies the focus of research hidden behind project background and you marketing challenges, which makes it possible to design appropriate and experience-based scope of research.
Key Person Networks Across Various Industries
A report is compiled by fully examining and analyzing the information obtained through the interviews to key persons in a wide range of areas.To finalize a report, JMAR conducts discussions taken in consideration of your hypothesis and macro data, and also get feedbacks of key persons together.


An effective research is designed to obtain proper information on a theme and/or locations that you may not be able to do it by yourself.
Localization to a market specific in Japan is also available.


A consumer survey and the subsequent support are available.
They are proposed according to your research challenges.

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